who we are

We are a team of professionals helping startups across the globe

Our expertise focuses on product and engineering with global resourcing . Burn less in your early startup journey and build quality products with full confidence. 

what do we offer

We offer Startup Product and Engineering as Service

Are you a startup founder who is struggling to build the right product or facing challenges in building the product? Our curated product and engineering services can help you to build your product and get in to market quickly with ensured quality and scalability. We are not outsourcing service provider, we are solution provider for you. 

where to find us

We are based in New York, Dubai and Dhaka

Our engineering head quarter in Dhaka, Bangladesh along with our presence in Dubai, UAE and New York, USA. It gives us strategical advantage to communicate with our clients and partners while keeping the development cost 40-60% lower compared to in house development cost. 

A few things we’re great at

We are not good at everything but we are great at what we do

Startup Engineering Service

We help startups to grow their engineering team at Asia with reduced cost and higher outputs. We do not provide cheap solution but we provide quality solution with affordable pricing. We do not give you just head count, we help you to succeed in your end goal. 

Product development

We can help you to realize your product from ideas. Our expert product managers and product owners can guide you to define the product road map, product backlog, product mapping, product development plans and many more.

Project Management

Are you struggling at project management, let us help you to revive your doomed projects with our expert project managers, agile practitioner and scrum masters. We can save your project from going bad to worse. Let us discuss your project concerns. 

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