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Business CRM Development

  • A centralized control system to manage 20+ OsCommerce shop from one place
  • Different shops are in different country , different language and products
  • Product order report, generate invoices and print them
  • generate alerts and warning
  • auto calculated packing solution
  • generate reports like stock report, sales report, payment reports
  • auto capture payments from bank, different payment cards
  • send news letter
  • collects customer reviews

CRM, Project Management Tool

  • A SaaS based tool to manage Waterfall & Agile projects
  • A CRM tool to manage leads, customers etc
  • Social Media integration
  • Subscription based solution
  • Generate reports and export/import in different formats
  • Multilingual

School Management System

  • Admission Management
  • Student Management
  • Parents/Guardian management
  • Classes and section management
  • Teachers management
  • Human resource Management
  • Events management
  • Examination & Results management
  • notification management
  • Accounting
  • Fees management
  • Documents management
  • Inventory Management
  • Library management
  • Resource management
  • Assets management
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Data backup management
  • SMS integration
  • Attendance management
  • Data export
  • Payroll Manager
  • Alumni Management
  • Scholarship Management
  • Teachers Training Module
  • Customization and Language module
  • School Calendar Management
  • Homework module
  • Messaging
  • Transportation Management
  • Meal management
  • Daily Diary Module
  • E-Learning
  • School Website
  • Mobile Apps

Group Video Chat & Conference system

  • Users can invite upto 8 users to participate in a scheduled conference call
  • The video calls are done through OpenTok/TokBox API
  • An IVR is also developed for auto responding calls and messages with help of Twilio API
  • An E-commerce shop for buying required products online

Recruitment and Interview Manager

  • Manage applicants through web/email etc
  • Invite applicants to take a personal assessment
  • generate a personal attribute scores and matches with other professionals from similar fields
  • compare with other candidates and view compatibility scores
  • interview applicants through internal messaging system

Online Ticket Sell Portal

  • Vendors/Event organizers can create profile and start selling tickets online
  • customers can buy ticket and pay through different payment methods
  • generates PDF tickets based on provided template along with QR code
  • transfer money to vendor/organizers account from the control panel
  • a full fledged admin panel to control everything

Facebook career app

  • A career solution based on Facebook
  • User can take assessment and find their personal attribute scores
  • Scores are matched with possible career for the users
  • Users also can view related courses and trainings along with university names and scholarships
  • Users can view job projections (both state wise and national level)
  • Can search from online job feeds based on their suggested career path

Professional Social Networking

  • A professional social networking tool like viadeo and linkedin
  • Import profile option from facebook, linkedin, viadeo
  • create profiles like linked in
  • Post jobs and apply to job
  • groups with moderation
  • ads management
  • multi-lingual
  • facebook, twitter, linked in, google+ login enabled
  • social share

Embedded Router Management System

  • the solution is embedded in security device as part of its operating process
  • All settings and console modification can be done through the interface
  • A simplistic UI which works on all major browser
  • Build to run with a very minimum resources

Stock Market Analysis Tool

  • A stock analysis application for Dhaka stock exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange
  • Updates stock related information from live DSE server
  • Prepares technical, fundamental analysis based on companies historical data
  • Draws stock charts and compare it in span of time