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Quality Assurance Service

Quality is important factor any product we buy. It does not matter whether it’s a gadget or a software application. We are paying for a product that is reliable, meet our demand and stays longer. Considering the necessity of Quality in our developed product and services, we always focus on Quality assurance for each of our service area. We have a dedicated team for Software Quality Assurance and the team is growing day by day. We want to ensure that our product is certified by our experienced SQA Engineers before handing over to client. By doing this we are saving a lot of time of our clients and gaining confidence from our clients.

We are experienced in both manual and automated test procedures. We always focus on integrated SQA activity along with our development cycle. Every project we do, go through our meticulous and well defined SQA process. As a result, we have more happier and condent clients.

Our Development team and SQA Engineers can apply a full range of tests to software throughout the full cycle of product development as part of the Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes.

Our Test Area Includes

  • Functional testing

  • Load testing

  • Regression testing

  • Unit testing

  • GUI testing

  • Usability testing

  • Security testing

  • Database testing

  • Cross-platform testing

  • Localization testing